EML MartiniqueThe Trike conversion for the Honda GL1800

EML MartiniqueThe Trike conversion for the Honda GL1800

The EML Martinique trike conversion for the Honda GL1800 marks the start of a new Trike age. Sooner or later it had to happen.

It’s here finally, the very best in trike handling and comfort, with an exclusive design that has all qualities integrated. A sportive, aggressive and distinctive style with a quality second to none.

Technical data

Sizes and weights
Length 2.780 mm
Width 1.300 mm
Heigth 1.440 mm
Ground clearance 150 mm
Track width 1.100 mm
Wheelbase 1.790 mm
Luggage room capacity 145 liter(exclusive top trunk)
Weight 486 Kg
Max. weight 713 Kg
Front 14” EML
Rear 16” Alloy rims


The handling and comfort of the Martinique cannot be called perfect. There is no word in the dictionary that levels higher than “perfection”. Cruising the highways in short or long turns makes you feel king of the road. The Tubular rear shaft and the EML manufactured Extensodive front end make this handling quality possible. The Tubular shaft is manufactured of Chromium Molybdenum seamless tubes to make it much lighter than “normal” rear shafts. The semi independent suspension with two shock absorbers of which the pre-load is hydraulic adjustable guarantees a correct balance between leaning and comfort. All disadvantages of normal shafts or independent shafts do not exist anymore. Due to the Tubular shaft the engineers could design the Martinique with a 145 Liters storage capacity without making any concessions to its design. During the development of the Martinique the engineers concentrated on every detail. The standard equipment is very unique and complete.

The Martinique has standard:

  • Carpeted luggage room
  • Parking brake Stainless steel brake hoses
  • Alloy rear wheels
  • Disc brake rear
  • ExtensoDive front fork with 14” EML wheel
  • Steering damper


  • Footwings
  • Tow bar

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