GT Twin

GT Twin

The GT TWIN is the most comfortable and luxury touring model EML. This sidecar is only for the big touring motorcycles. The seating this sidecar is ideal for one adult with child or two children.

Technical data

Length 2.290 mm
Width 1.040 mm
Height 1.220 mm
Seat-width Effective 860 mm
Luggage room volume 315 liter
Brake and suspension

Front suspension

EML ExtensoDive front fork

Side wheel suspension rear Pushed swing-arm with adjustable shock absorber
Side wheel suspension front GTriangle cross swing-arm with adjustable shock absorber
Steering system Front fork connected through a special rod linking system with the sidecar front wheel Suspension
Distance sidecar (both) 80 mm
Sidecar brake 2 piston brake disc on the front wheel
Wheels 12” EML


By realizing innovative technology, by creating a spectacular design and by putting in luxury equipment, our engineers and designers have created a revolutionary sidecar. We owe both the interior and the exterior design of the GT TWIN to the creativity of our designers. The flagships of BMW and HONDA, integrated with the GT TWIN, will lead up to impressive vehicles that will astonish many people on the road. The impressive design, perfect road holding and perfectly elaborated design and engineering details make you feel “King of the Road”. See the gallery for some examples.

The GT TWIN is standard equipped with:

  • Air ventilation system
  • Radio preparation
  • Automatic boarding light
  • Integrated reading light
  • Automatic luggage compartment light
  • Lighted controls
  • Integrated lock mechanism
  • Two-piece independently removable hardtop with semi-automatic lock system
  • Chrome grips on both lids
  • Passenger room carpeted with panels
  • Roadmap storage
  • Carpeted luggage compartment
  • Two color leader seat

Why two wheels?

With regard to the dynamics, heavy sidecar machines like the BMW K1200LT and the HONDA GL1800, have one negative characteristic. Driving into a left turn or curve the motorcycle leans on the one sidecar wheel. To prevent the vehicle from leaning over too much, the sidecar suspension is often made very rigid, which is bound to affect the comfort in the sidecar in a negative way. Several years ago EML introduced the HCAD suspension system to raise the sidecar comfort. This system has proved its worth, but improvement is possible of course. Thanks to innovation the HCAD system has been surpassed. Each of the sidecar wheels takes half of the load. Due to this two-wheel configuration the curve stability and the comfort have been improved enormously.

Sidecar wheel steering

By combining the ExtensoDive front fork suspension with the sidecar wheel steering system, the handling of the vehicle has been made easier, and the stability has been dramatically improved. Sidecar reactions will always occur, but are easier to handle. The sidecar wheel steering is the result of the two-wheel theory: the sidecar front wheel has to be connected with the front wheel of the motorcycle. With a special connection between both front wheels, the sidecar wheel always follows the right track. Reactions on the dynamic behavior of the motorcycle front suspension, which normally causes unstable road-holding characteristics, are eliminated due to the integration with the ExtensoDive front suspension on the motorcycle.


  • Rear end spoiler with brake light
  • Luggage rack in black or chrome
  • Heating system
  • Child’s seat belts
  • Speakers
  • Fuel tank for 20ltr
  • Tow bar (max. 150 Kg)

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