S1 Roadsteris an All-rounder

S1 Roadsteris an All-rounder

Suitable for all- road and for sport purposes. The seating is ideal for one adult.

Technical data

Length 1.830 mm
Width 850 mm
Seat-width Effective 580 mm
Luggage room volume 110 liter
Brake and suspension
Brake: 2 piston caliper with 200mm disc
Steel 14” car rim
Adjustable shock absorber


An unconventional and sporty design with some retro looks. Wide purpose range, al-road and street use.

Standard equipped with:

  • Hydraulic brake
  • Cover
  • Seat
  • Lockable trunk lid (there are 2 basic versions, the high all-road version and the lower street version)

You can customize your S1 with several options.


  • Luggage rack in stainless
  • Windscreen with hinges
  • Foot step outboard
  • Child belt
  • Roof top EML 14”wheel (instead of standard)
  • Carpet in passenger-room

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